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Overseas Player Appeal

17 Feb 2019

Hello members,

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday, if you don't mind I have a little favour to ask you...

This winter our 'scouts' in Australia have found for us a brilliant prospect for an overseas player called Nick. Nick is a talented, hardworking, dedicated, selfless, intelligent, good looking and all round nice guy 19 year old looking to spend a summer in England to expand his horizons and play some cricket with us here at Eversley. 

We have almost everything sorted to make this wonderful opportunity come to fruition but unfortunately our original plans for somewhere for him to stay are not as certain as we once thought. We already have plans for his job, his playing and helping out here at ECC, all Nick needs is a roof over his head between May and September that the club will be contributing towards. It doesn't need to be fancy or large so if you or someone you know can help and wants to earn a little money we very much want to hear from you!

Please contact myself or Tom Howorth at jonnylast1986@aol.com or thoworth98@gmail.com

Thanks again, Jon Last, ECC Chairman