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17 Oct 2017 : A message from the Vice Chairman

Good evening everyone,

I hope you are well today. I have a few points to mention tonight per the below:


Notice of the AGM: 

The Eversley Cricket Club 2017 AGM will be held on Monday the 4th of December beginning at 1930. Attached are the minutes from the 2016 meeting as to be approved this December. Every member is welcome and encouraged to attend as the AGM helps to direct the future of the club.


Open positions:

1. ESA Treasurer
2. ECC Club Welfare Officer
3. ECC Club Secretary

All these positions are looking to be filled for 2018, rest assured lots of support will be provided for those who volunteer. If you would like to know more please contact myself or any of the ECC committee for more details.


Players Supper:

This year's players supper is to be held on Friday November the 3rd. If you have played for the adult sides this year, regardless of your age, you are welcome to attend. Please contact Matt Spooner ASAP to confirm your attendance. 


Thanks all, see you soon!

Jon Last

07881 682005, jonnylast1986@aol.com

16 Aug 2017 : Success for the U11's

On Saturday 29th July the U11a team won the North Hampshire District Cup against Odiham. Eversley Batted first in this pairs competition and scored 296/7 and in a close game Odiham finished on 289/9. This meant an incredible league and cup double this year for the U11a's.

Also the U11b team where confirmed as champions of the b league going unbeaten throughout the season.

Congratulations to all those that played a part of the successes of this season.

12 Jun 2017 : Eversley Sports Association are recruiting a Clubhouse Manager

Dear Eversley Cricket Club members.

With the addition of Yateley Hockey Club to the Eversley Sports Association and the opening of the new Astroturf pitch the club house will have more regular use throughout the year, generating valuable revenue for the ESA and  assisting the cricket club’s finances.

To support this the ESA are recruiting a Clubhouse Manager and advertisements for the post have been published in local media.

Details of the post can be found by clicking the link: ESA Clubhouse Manager Advert

If you, or anyone you know, might be interested in this opportunity please contact Terry Lynch (email: terrylynch1@sky.com )


Closing date for applications is 30 June 2017.

31 May 2017 : Clubhouse news

Hello Eversley Cricket Club members,

The ESA have provided me some news they would like to share with you regarding the clubhouse.

The Clubhouse has returned to direct management by the Eversley Sports Association that comprises the 3 Clubs - Eversley Cricket Club, Eversley & California Football Club and Yateley Hockey Club.
The plan is to employ a Clubhouse Manager in the near future who will be working for the benefit of all club members. In the interim, Terry Lynch has accepted the responsibility for managing the Clubhouse with the support of the Clubhouse sub-committee. ECC's representative is Emma Sharp, thank you for fulfilling this role Emma. 
As a result of this change every pound spent across the bar produces a profit to the ESA which reduces the financial burden. All 3 clubs have recognised that it is important to their members (us!) that the money we spend contributes to our Club - this is now happening!!!

We are looking for volunteers to help by doing an occasional shift behind the bar. If you are willing and able to help for any period of time whether you have lots or little experience, please let Emma Sharp or Terry Lynch know. (Emma Sharp is contactable on eesharpandson@btconnect.com)

From now until the end of July we will need help in the evenings on Fridays in particular. Saturday evenings will be busy too and will run from now into September. There are also other individual occasions when we need people to work shifts (e.g. the President's Day fixture on Sunday June 25th needs people behind the bar from 12 noon to 9pm).

Please support your club in any way you can. Thank you.

Thanks all,

Jon Last

ECC Vice Chairman

11 May 2017 : ECC would like to introduce...

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, let me introduce...

Andrew Niblett!

"Nibbsy" was born in South Africa and played and coached there until 2002 when he moved to New Zealand. In New Zealand Andy played for Central Districts as a first class player whilst working on his coaching. Although this may have been a little while ago Andy has clearly lost none of his talent after hitting 124 on the first game of the season!

Since 2012 Andy has been traveling between the UK and Australia as both a player and a coach playing for a number of different sides including the club close to his heart, Unley CC in Adelaide. Whilst in Australia Andy also works at the prestigious Darren Lehmann Cricket Academy where he has gained his level 3 qualification.

Andy will be at every Friday night colts evening and playing for the 1st team on Saturdays as our Pro for the 2017 season. He will be taking a very active interest in the performance of the junior teams and on the look out for those stepping up into the adult teams. Andy is also available to provide expert advice and coaching during either 1 on 1's or group sessions in Eversley's own Indoor Cricket Centre. Just find him, have a chat, and book a session! (In order to help find him there is a smiley portrait attached...)

Have a great weekend everyone,

Jon Last

ECC Vice Chairman


29 Apr 2017 : ESA letter to Eversley CC

Hello everyone,

The Eversley Sports Association has written the attached letter for you, please take a few minutes to read it.

If there are any questions or comments the ECC committee are happy to field them for you, please contact me at jonnylast1986@aol.com or come and find me in person when I'm at the club.

Thank you very much for your time today and best of luck in the upcoming season!

Jon Last

Eversley Cricket Club Vice-Chairman

24 Mar 2017 : 2017 Benefit Match

Hello Eversley Cricket Club members,

I'm messaging you today regarding the summer's showpiece benefit match. In previous seasons ECC has welcomed legends of the game and up-and-coming superstars through our guests both the Lashings World XI and Hampshire County CC. The matches we have hosted have increased our standing within the community and provided a great spectacle enjoyed by thousands of on-lookers but they also served the purpose of raising money for the club. Unfortunately in recent years the amount of time and effort put in to hold these matches has not been justified by the funds generated and so the committee took the decision to seek out event sponsors for 2017. 

We have not yet been able to secure the sufficient sponsorship support needed, so the club has decided not to hold a benefit match this summer.

The efforts we have already put in to this years' event have not been in vein as they will now serve as an excellent spring board for a refreshed event next year. With plenty of time to secure the required sponsorship and organise the days events we are confident that the 2018 benefit match will be one of the greatest we have ever done.

Thank you for your time today, if you would like to get involved in the 2018 benefit match either as a volunteer, sponsor or participant then please get in contact with the club committee via the details on the website.

Jon Last

Vice Chairman, Eversley CC


21 Jan 2017 : Can you contribute to your club?

Living in today's society is dominated by paying for services. Your house, your car, your bills and amenities, your cleaning, your schooling, your internet connection, your music, your TV and movies, your food, your phone, your clothing, your news and even your employment. Everything you can think of is delivered, ordered or provided by someone else for a monthly fee. This can lead to some wonderful opportunities but... what if there was more to life than what you can afford?

If you are reading this then you have chosen to spend some of your spare time involved in the greatest sport on the planet, but unfortunately that sport cannot be treated like Netflix... Cricket at its grass roots level is much more than entertainment, it is a community and a way of life. Without dedication and time of generous and talented individuals cricket and other such sports will be turned into a forgotten pass times that you can only experience an hour at a time at expensive gyms where Joe Wicks wannabe's will shout at you to "Hit dat bawl Fasta!!"

At Eversley we are very lucky to have an excellent community spirit and some wonderful individuals who not only keep the club operational but also look to the future and plan for the next generation. These individuals however need your help as some of the important roles that the club needs to continue are currently sitting vacant. For an opportunity not only to contribute to the club's function but also help plan for its future please read the following roles and have a long think about whether you might be right for the job, either right now, or in the near future with some support.


  • The Club Secretary is the communications and record keeping nexus of the club. They are friendly and helpful people who act like old fashioned phone operators connecting members both within the club and organisations who we are associated with.
  • The Club Secretary sits on the main committee and takes minutes of the committee meetings one evening a month.

Fixture Secretary

  • A club person who is excellent at networking and organising, particularly with other cricket clubs. 
  • The fixture secretary is welcome to club committee meetings but is not required to attend. For the colts this role is busy for a few weeks a year but then quiet for the remainder.

Colts Coordinator

  • The team leader of the colts committee. A club member who can help direct and support the volunteers who run the colts section.
  • The colts coordinator attends both the colts committee meetings and the main club committee meetings (once per month each) as a liason between both parts of the club.

Clubmark Officer

  • A club person who is passionate about colts cricket and their influence on the club as a whole. Attentive at paperwork and knowledgeable with policies to help the club adhere with the ECB guidelines.
  • The Clubmark officer is part of the colts committee.

Grounds volunteer(s)

  • Volunteers to assist our head groundsman Chris Last prepare wickets and maintain the upkeep of our beautiful 230 year old home ground.
  • Available weekly throughout the season. No experience or equipment needed.


If you like the sound of any of these roles, regardless of experience or expertise, we would like to hear from you. Please come and find either myself or any other member of the club committee and we will be delighted to talk to you. 

This club is not a service provider where you pay a monthly fee for a convenience, this is something far greater. This club is an opportunity to make your own impact on the world and see genuine efforts rewarded with results. Make a change for the better and get involved with your community,

Jon Last

Vice Chairman of Eversley Cricket Club

jonnylast1986@aol.com; 07881 682005


11 Jan 2017 : A message from the Vice Chairman

Good morning everyone,

I am emailing today for two reasons. The first is as an additional reminder that adult winter training begins this Sunday and the second is regarding club-player communications.


Adult Winter Training

In order to make it easy to track, the costs of winter training this year have been simplified. Rather than £50 up front, with retrospective negotiations if you were not able to attend many, the committee have decided that it will be pay-as-you-play at £5 per training session, regardless of whether you attend 1 session for 10 minutes or all of them for 3 hours. A register will be taken and those who can't pay on the day will be hounded by our very own club bailiff's, you have been warned!!

Similarly to the main club subscriptions, if you have difficulty finding these funds then please contact Scott Sharp discretely who will work with you.

Those who came to the AGM or connect with us on social media will be aware that the club is in need of new players for the adult teams of any and all ability. If you are new to the game, haven't played in some time and are considering a comeback or simply need to try and burn off some Christmas pudding, then please contact Scott Sharp and come along any Sunday for a no-pressure introduction with some of our social cricketers.

Club Communications

We on the committee are aware that, as a club, we can improve our level of interaction with the members. Thanks to the efforts of our Publicity Officer Matt Spooner we now have an excellent regular newsletter that covers many functions and big news items but this is not the end of our ambitions. We are particularly keen to increase the member feedback loop that currently is limited to chit chat over a beer or extended email conversations.

To that end every Sunday after training has finished at 4pm I will be hosting an open forum for all club members, playing or otherwise, to come and discuss the pressing issues or find out about the difficulties and successes going in at the administration level. This will be held in the clubhouse committee room (or the main clubhouse if it is not booked out) and will be an opportunity to raise topics or ask questions not only to inform anyone who comes along but also to allow individuals to bring ideas to me. For any questions or comments I don't have an answer for I will take them away with me and try to bring the responses to the next weeks meeting.

Please note that we have been and will continue to be happy to listen to any ideas or concerns of the members outside of this forum should anyone wish to contact us in private.


Thanks very much for your time today, I hope to see you around Eversley soon!

Jon Last

Vice Chairman, Eversley CC

jonnylast1986@aol.com, 07881 682005

(Scott's details along with those of all other committee members are available on the 'Club Officials' section of the website)

20 Nov 2016 : Eversley CC AGM 5th December 1930

Hello everyone,

I'm emailing today to remind everyone that the Eversley Cricket Club Annual General meeting will be held on Monday the 5th of December starting promptly at 1930 in the club house.

Attached are the draft minutes of the 2015 AGM to be ratified at this meeting and also the Agenda for this years meeting.

All members are welcome and encouraged to attend although I warn you that you might find it a little dull if under the age of 12...

If you will not be attending then you are welcome to send apologies to me, Jon Last, at jonnylast1986@aol.com

Thanks, Jon

Club Secretary