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Women's Soft Ball Cricket Festival @ Eversley Cricket Club

19 Jun 2019

Women’s Soft Ball Cricket Festival @ Eversley Cricket Club

Eversley Cricket Club has never seen anything like this in all its 232 years – enthusiasm, commitment, determination, drama, vocal support, music and no little skill – all displayed by 4 women’s teams – 2 from Eversley and 1 each from Cove Cricket Club and Alton Cricket Club.

In the first round of matches, on Cross Green, Alton beat Eversley W8 by 8 runs in a close game; on Fox Lane, Eversley M&D8 beat a spirited Cove tam comfortably. In the next round, Cove played so much better to lose by just 5 runs to Eversley W8, decided in the final over, which included a late decision by the umpire for an above waist no-ball, after consulting the fellow umpire; on Fox Lane, in another close match, Eversley M&D8 narrowly beat Alton by 4 runs.

The 2 final matches were played on the Cross Green main ground pitch. The first of these 2 matches was Cove v Alton; great to see another spirited performance by both teams, enhanced – if that is the right word – by some appropriate music; Alton won by 28 runs to record their second win. This set up an intriguing final match between the 2 Eversley teams; if Eversley M&D8 won, they would be trophy winners; if Eversley W8 won, we would have 3 teams on 2 wins and then it would wickets taken, runs scored and, if necessary, run rate to decide the winner. W8 won the toss and chose to bowl;  an opening stand of 20, a final 5th pair stand of 21 and losing only 1 wicket, M&D8 reached 78; M&D8 came on the field with a well-choregraphed entry, accompanied by some rousing music. Their bowling was tight, fielding good and they took 2 wickets; W8 found it difficult to get the ball away; the final pair needed 34 from the final 2 overs to win, but only managed 15, so M&D8 won by 23 runs and were worthy winners of the trophy; it probably helped  to have 5 12-13 year olds – M&D stands for Mothers & Daughters – currently playing u13 girls cricket. Most, if not all, of the adult players from all 3 clubs have never played competitive cricket before, so a truly remarkable achievement.

We were pleased to welcome ex-England captain, Andrew Strauss, to the Festival; he was pleased that Eversley was hosting the Festival and commented that there were more opportunities for girls and women to play cricket at all levels than ever before.

We relaxed the rule regarding only 1 wicketkeeper, so, in most matches, all the players had a bowl – great to have some many players involved in all aspects of the game.

Thanks to all the umpires and scorers, including Vipers Champion, Jorga; thanks to all the volunteers who manned the BBQ, the tea & cake stand and sold raffle tickets – a Spa break at and kindly donated by, local hotel Warbrook House. Profits from these activities raised over £300 for the Ruth Strauss Foundation.

It was a really enjoyable experience for all involved. We would tweak a couple of things next time, but look forward to hosting a similar Festival next year.

Terry Lynch, Eversley Cricket Club.