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Cricket scoring guides and information

"No game of cricket can take place without a scorer."

Scoring can be appear to be quite a daunting task for the novice scorer so the following information should help scorer's of all abilities to get to grips with, what some say is, the most fundamental part of the game - working out who won!

In this digital age, scoring matches on electronic devices has now become the preferred option with more accuracy and instant updates. The ECB now have two programmes with links provided below.

 Play-Cricket Scoring - iOS and PC (for scorers)
Score more accurately, edit scores more easily, upload to Play-Cricket more effectively and produce detailed reports for your team.

 Play-Cricket Live - iOS & Google play (for match followers)
Follow you Colt or fellow cricketers whether from the sidelines or away from the ground. Instant updates subject to scores having internet connection. 

Eversley Cricket Club NHYCL scoring checklist.pdf

We have a scoresheet for use to record scores during cricket matches:

EVERSLEY scoresheet_20_v2.pdf

Here's a scoresheet for pairs matches (8 to 10 a side)

Pairs 8- 10 a side Scoresheet.xls

We have developed a spreadsheet to help in summarising the scores for entry on the League web site:

Eversley CC NHYCL Scoresheet.xls

For those who would like to find out a little more the following links provide useful information.

The new edition of the laws of the game of cricket as published by the MCC came into force on the 1st October 2013 and can be found here:

MCC Laws of Cricket 2017 11th April 2017 (eff. 1st Oct 2017).pdf

MCC Laws of Cricket 2017 (Summary).pdf

MCC’s Open Learning Manual is a comprehensive guide for umpires and students of the Laws who want to gain a better understanding of the Laws and their application.

And if you would like to go further then click here...

ECB information on qualifying as a cricket scorer
Scorers course

Set out below are the materials from the Eversley Cricket Club scoring course.

The course has developed over the last few years and these materials have either been created by Eversley volunteers or sourced from other web sites and organisations that have generously made the informaiton available for all, and these are acknowledged where appropriate.

Scoring course programme
Eversley CC scoring course.pdf

Umpire signals
(New Zealand Cricket Umpires & Scorers Association)

Table of score book entries 
(New Zealand Cricket Umpires & Scorers Association)
Cricket_Scoring_Table of entries.pdf

Interactive scoring presentation.
(Kinross Cricket Club / http://www.notchers.co.uk/ )

This powerpoint based presentation is a terrific teaching tool for running a scoring course. It consistes of a user guide, a power point based presentation demonstrating how to correctly record the ball-by-ball progress during the first 6 overs of an example match and a blank sample scorecard for the participants. See the Notchers web site for more details.


Scoring Power Point 1

Scoring Power Point 2

North Hampshire Youth Cricket League Rules
You will need to be familiar with the rules of the League and the age group for which you are scoring.

NHYCL Summer 2018 Rules.pdf

NHYCL Rules Changes Summer 2018.pdf