Eversley Cricket Club

Eversley Cricket Club U13 Boys - A's squad

U13 Boys - A's

Manager : Andy South

U13's Manager & Level 2 Coach


First Aid trained

Coach B : Bill Burnett

Level 2 Coach for the U13's


First Aid trained

Coach R : Carl Reis

U15's Level 2 Coach.
First Aid and Defib trained

Ex-Surrey County U15's no less.

Spin bowler & bat around the middle order.

Coach M : Robert Margel

Level 2 U7 & U13's coach


First Aid trained

Coach D : Andy Denham

Level 2 and U13's Coach


First Aid trained

Krishna Anup
Right handed batter and Right arm bowler.Favorite Batsman - Chris Gayle and Bowler - Dale Steyn. 
Jordy Bland
9 Years old, a keen sportsman but have not really played cricket before.
James Brown

13 years old, playing 2019 season with U13A/B and keen to play more matches. Other sports I do are cycling and swimming.

Patrick Brown
I Really enjoy all sports ,especially cricket, i play football at finchampstead as well. I go to nine mile ride school and have an older sister Amabel.
I like being called Paddy, Pat or Patrick
Eddie Campion

Left-handed spin bowler and batsman

Current member of Berkshire U13's.

Reuben Kirby
I also enjoy swimming and playing tennis.
Freddie Morgan

Hampshire District.

Berkshire development squad.

Holme Grange team year 6.

Sachin Sivanandan
Currently playing for Hampshire  UAG 12(shadow) and Berkshire U12 winter group.
Zackary Waight
 Berkshire County U12 and part of Hampshire Development Group
Sam White
Berkshire County
Performance history