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New Year Greetings from Eversley CC

05 Jan 2020

Hello and Happy New Year from Eversley CC!

It's cold and wet outside, Christmas decorations are coming down and England are playing test cricket on foreign shores. It's that time of year again where in the cricket community we start talking about hitting the gym to burn off the pigs-in-blankets and digging out the kit that has lived in a bag for the last four months (desperately hoping you remembered to wash it after the last game of the season...)

Although cricket might have been off your mind for a while you will be pleased to know that the club has barely taken a rest off the field and we will be gearing up again in preparation for the coming season. Last month ECC held its Annual General Meeting, thank you to those that attended. The minutes of the AGM will be available on the website soon where you can learn all about the progress we have made and our plans for the coming seasons. I highly encourage you to seek them out when you get a chance.

We as a club have many ambitions for 2020 but in order to fulfil those it is going to take a lot of hard work. In the near future we are looking to invest in the pitches and outfield, the outdoor nets, a changing room refurbishment and a host of smaller projects too. In addition to the monetary investment, that we are attempting to raise, these projects also need time and effort invested in them. ECC is fortunate to have members working towards all these goals, teams for the larger ones, but they are unfortunately a little stretched and could use some help. 

Looking at our competition clubs around us (and there is plenty of them!) we have seen that if clubs don't innovate and improve they suffer. However much we love the status quo, especially given last season's success, the message is clear that it won't last unless we as a community step up and make it happen.

The good news is that no contribution is too small, even if you only have an hour a month free for ECC we will gladly accept that and work with you to see how you can help. For those who have a little more time than that, and/or any specialist skills that could be utilised, please consider giving back as you have no idea how valuable that might be to us.

Some of the teams or projects ECC is working towards are listed below. If these excite you or fit with your expertise then please drop me a note and let me know.

  • Adult cricket, Ladies cricket and Colts cricket (new players of any ability always welcome)
  • Colts cricket coaches and managers
  • Club Welfare Officer
  • Membership management
  • Benefit Game Day (versus the PCA on May 29th) ticket sales, sponsorship and other roles available
  • Social media and social events assistance
  • ESA facilities management and contracts
  • Changing room redevelopment team
  • Grounds team
  • Tea preparation and serving team

Other projects and roles arise all the time so please follow the club communications or get in touch if something appeals to you.

If you have no time to give but are still interested in seeing your club succeed then I would encourage you to get in touch with our new Club President, Gary Ford. An ECC veteran of over 40 years Gary would love to talk to you about potential donations of equipment or contributions to the club coffers.


If you have made it this far I am very grateful and won't take up any more of your Sunday other than to say I hope you have had a wonderful festive period and look forward to seeing you all again in the spring if not at winter training.

Jon Last, ECC Chairperson

jonnylast1986@aol.com;  07881 682005