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Training Attendance

13 Mar 2020

Good morning everyone,

Due to the current situation with the Corona Virus ECC would like to clarify our stance on attendance at training and other events associated with the club. Not being experts in virology we will be making very few decisions ourselves unless prompted by the government. Therefore, training and other events will continue as normal until otherwise notified. With that said, we do suggest the following recommendations:

- Wash your hands before and after training with soap and warm water for 20 seconds.

- Avoid shaking hands or touching other people in greeting or through the course of the training activities.

- Do not share personal equipment such as pads, gloves, helmets, bats etc.

- If you have a new persistent cough or other symptoms of illness then consider self isolating for at least one week

- Use tissues for sneezes that are then disposed of.

- At risk groups include the elderly and people with pre-existing conditions (please check the NHS website for more detail). If you are in these groups or are in regular contact with people in these groups (eg. live with a relative) then you may wish to consider not attending.


Should government advice change significantly then we will be back in touch but for now please continue to train hard and train safely.

Many thanks, Jon Last, ECC Chair