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Practice nets

10 May 2020

Hello everyone,


I hope you are all enjoying your weekend, BBC TMS replaying Edgbaston 2005 was certainly a highlight for me...

I am glad to report that our practice nets are getting used by many of you, thank you for continuing to practice your skills!  At the start of the crisis we looked into the rules set out by the government and as far as we can tell using the nets is still perfectly fine provided you practice social distancing if you are practising with people you are not living with. With many more people in and around home these days there may well be more people wishing to use them but hopefully it opens up lots of time to use them when it would otherwise not be possible to so please do try to get down there. It is my understanding that so far all our members have been following the rules and being courteous to other users which is excellent to hear.


Unfortunately, not everyone in the community has been quite so understanding and respectful and I have been provided a couple of reports of antisocial behaviour towards people using the nets legitimately and safely. You may also have noticed that the nets were vandalised this week implying someone was either bored or annoyed at them being used. These incidents have been rare but should you be subject to anything like this whilst using the nets then please do all you can to remain calm, respectful and polite and remind those individuals that net practice is perfectly within the rules. Afterwards please write down details of the incident and send them through to me or another club administrator so that we can keep track of them and action them where necessary.

One of our friendly neighbours, Chris Smith, has already begun looking into repairing the damage so should you see him around the nets with a tape measure or some cable ties please do feel free to say hello and thank you!


Please enjoy the rest of your Sunday and I look forward to speaking to you all again soon. In the mean time, feel free to share with the other club members what you are up to on our social media.

Jon Last, ECC Chair