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The 'road back to cricket' and current club usage

14 Jun 2020

Hello everyone,


Road map:

As you will have seen from Dave's previous message regarding the start of group training again for the colts section the club is gearing up to provide cricket of sorts across both Cross Green and Fox Lane. The current plan is for colts training to take place during weeknights and for adult training to begin on Saturday afternoons, hopefully to be replaced with matches of some sort in time. As you will hopefully appreciate using the pitches and facilities again costs money and all of our usual value streams are currently on hold so there may well be a small charge associated with attendance. We will do what we can to avoid this but more details will follow in time.

We are doing all this in line with the ECB and government guidelines and as such there will be some restrictions and procedures we need to follow in order to allow it to happen. Attached is an ECB issued Road-map that shows where we are and where we are trying to get to. Some of these restrictions will be around numbers, equipment handling, PPE etc so please be prepared to receive some requests from us. Once documentation has been issued you will of course be able to send any questions through to the team.



As we gear up for this the club is looking for volunteers, particularly on the grounds and facilities front. With a provisional start date of Monday, 22nd June we will need to get both sites back up to a usable standard which will include cleaning and positioning of covers, sight-screens and a number of other tasks usually performed in April. If you are available on Saturday, 20th June then please come down for an hour or more from 10am onwards with some gardening gloves and rough clothes and see what needs doing.



I am glad to report that the usage of the nets has been for the most part in line with the changes we put in place and I am very grateful for those of you following the rules. Unfortunately following the vandalism graciously repaired by our neighbour Chris we have however had a recurrence of the antisocial behaviour in the form of an unpleasant incident with a different neighbour. The club member on the receiving end of the outburst felt compelled to report the incident to the police such was the intensity, and the club has been supporting them subsequently. A reminder to you all that should you be subject to any antisocial behaviour whilst on club grounds then please remain calm, walk away, record the incident on your device if you deem necessary/safe to do so and then contact the club.


Club facilities:

In order to help protect you, our members, and the club facilities we are in the middle of installing a system of CCTV cameras that cover both the club buildings and some of the playing area on cross green. Shortly one will also be set up to observe the nets. I assure you that the systems around these cameras are very secure and the footage is only observable by a select few club officials with the intentions of both deterrent and potential evidence capture. If you have any questions regarding the CCTV being set up then please do send them through to me.

For those who have visited the club recently you will notice you have not been the only ones! As a consequence of the clubs desirable location and convenient benches etc it appears ECC has become something of a 'quarantine hotspot'. Provided everyone acts responsibly, observes social distancing and stays out of the clubhouse (that has been shut down and is not being cleaned) then we the administrators are happy for members to use Cross Green to get some fresh air and meet up with friends and family etc. What we ask if you do visit is that you leave nothing (rubbish) and take nothing but memories... If the club is to become an extension of your garden please treat it as such and take care of it.


Many thanks everyone and I hope to see you all soon,

Jon Last