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'Spring' into action...

14 Mar 2021

Hello Eversley CC members,


Following on from my previous email I hope you have all been keeping in touch and checking in with each other. Although we can most certainly see light at the end of the tunnel there is still a way to go so please continue to support each other. I had a lot of positive responses so thank you all for getting into the spirit of it.


Although the ECB have yet to issue their statements and plans, the government advice has led to both the adult and colts leagues' issuing their intentions to start. Both of these sections of the club leadership have therefore begun the planning and implementing of the season to effectively start as usual in May. You will more than likely already have heard from them via email or Spond but if not please do reach out to your coach or captain so as to not miss anything.


Certainly with cricket very much on the way I would like to remind you to fill in your membership forms and fees and return them to the club. For the colts section in particular the membership form includes vital information for safe-guarding etc. that we simply cannot operate without, therefore, no form: No cricket.


Although the administrators of the club are in place and working hard for you the members, we do have a few key areas where we will need your help. Due to the much reduced usage of the indoor centre and clubhouse both the club and the ESA are down on income over the last year. We are therefore appealing for volunteers who have skills and/or time. Anyone who can paint, fix, build, mow, clean, or anything else practical around the club that we might normally pay for is welcome to contact us to help get everything set up for the season and for the running of the club in general. On that note, the 3 club's collectively via the ESA are exploring options for the running of the bar as part of the cost savings measures. All kinds of options are being considered so if you have experience as a bar tender, manager or are purely keen to contribute then please let us know.


The club is in need of an Auditor. If you are one or know one that has a little free time then we would love to hear from you.


If you follow the club on social media you will have seen the club is delighted to welcome back the England PCA Masters this year on the 27th of August. In order to make this day a success we need to attract not only the general public but also the corporate world in order to fill the marquee for lunch. If you are in sales or part of an active community of businesses then we would very much like to hear from you. 


Keep your eyes peeled on the website, on Spond and on our social media pages for ongoing news from the club. We hope to literally see you all very soon!!


Jon Last

Club Chair