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Junior Outdoor Training starts 16th April

13 Apr 2021

Junior Outdoor Training Summer 2021


Hello to all Junior members,

After what seems like a very long winter I am delighted to advise that the outdoor training programme starts this Friday 16th April (& will run until the end of July).

Due to the Covid restrictions we will not be able to have all age groups train on a Friday clubnight and the various age groups will train as follows :

  • U15s : Monday 

  • U15/U13 Girls : Friday

  • U13 boys : Friday 

  • U11 Boys : currently split over Tuesday & Friday (due to the size of the age group) but under review given Covid restrictions & desire to give everyone access to training .

  • U9s/U7s Mixed : Friday

Your respective age group managers will advise you of more detailed arrangements including where you will be training.

For this Friday we will only be able to accommodate 20 U11s in the ITC, but we will be putting an ongoing solution in place thereafter.

With the release from Covid lockdown we are guided by ECB guidelines. The current key guidelines that we as a club & you as parents/juniors need to observe are listed below. These apply as from 12th April & will next be reviewed & updated on 17th May.

As from 12th April, parents are allowed to remain at the club during training but need to adhere to social distancing guidelines (see below). Indeed for the U7s/U9s  we require parents to remain at the club (particularly with the requirements around single use of toilets). There will be a QR code at the clubhouse, this must be used to meet Track & Trace requirements.

There are specific requirements in relation to use of the Indoor Training Centre  these will be briefed to the age groups concerned separately.  

A plan to open the Bar & indeed fire up the BBQ will be developed in due course, for now we want to focus on getting the training started.

Competitive matches will start from 15th May & I’m sure we will be arranging some warm up games ahead of this date.

Please order club kit asap website link below. We will need to see how we can organise a “kit amnesty” that doesn’t break Covid guidelines.



It has been a huge effort to get training underway, I know the communication has been late, we have had some issues with website driven e-mails and I’m sure we will be finding our feet over the first couple of weeks. Despite all the challenges with Covid guidelines we are actually starting outdoor training at least a week earlier than we would normally. Our aim remains to get everyone back to enjoying their cricket asap whilst meeting the various & sometimes confusing guidelines, so please bear with us.


Dave Howorth

Head of Colts



ECB Guidelines as at 12th April (next ECB update 17th May) – Parent & Junior Responsibilities :


Everyone attending an organised cricket activity should carry out a self-assessment for COVID symptoms before leaving home and follow NHS and PHE self-isolation procedures if they are symptomatic.

No one who is required to self-isolate should attend an organised cricket activity.

Personal hygiene measures should be carried out at home before and after use of the facility.

Bring your own hand sanitiser and practice strong hand hygiene at all times.

Off the field, social distancing guidelines and legal gathering size limits must be observed – at Step 2 this means the Rule of 6 or a group made up of two households (a group made up of two households can include more than 6 people, but only where all members of the group are from the same two households (or support/childcare bubbles, where eligible).Parents can stay at the club during training but must observe the above guidelines.

Parents of U7s/U9s  must stay at the club for general child welfare reasons.

To meet Track & Trace requirements the coaches will as normal be keeping a register of attendance of the juniors. Parents must use the QR code that is on display at the clubhouse.

The clubhouse will only be open for the use of the toilets on a strictly one person at a time basis. Changing rooms will be closed, participants should arrive in their kit ready to play and should return home in their kit

Participants should bring their own food and drink and drinks bottles should not be shared

Participants should arrive in kit and ready to warm-up

People should maintain the rules on social contact before and after sporting activity.

Sharing of equipment must be avoided where possible, particularly that used around the head and face, such as helmets. Where equipment is shared, equipment must be cleaned before use by another person

No sweat or saliva is to be applied to the ball at any time. Any infringement should result in immediate disinfection of the ball.

All participants to wash their hands prior to the start of the activity. Juniors should bring their own sanitisers.

Hand sanitiser to be used at all breaks in activity and prior to any food or drinks.