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Fundraising Update and Andrew Strauss Evening

19 Jan 2023

Hi to all members,

With 6 weeks gone since the launch a quick update regarding the fundraising as follows :

We have so far raised £7000 from the following :

- £1000 from the Lemonofides Colts Friday night cafe

- £400 from the Colts Presentation Day raffle

- £400 from the World Cup sweepstake

- £1200 from Rachael Nevilles Xmas Wreaths

- £2000 from the pre Xmas launch evening

- £1000 from last Fridays Curry & Quiz night organised by the Ladies

- £1100 from Crowd funding, launched just over a week ago 

With £20k coming from Club reserves, the £80k target is now down to £53k...after only 6 weeks.

A massive thanks to everyone who has contributed and made this happen. 

Importantly we have also had some great evenings at the Clubhouse bringing together members from Juniors, Men's and Women's cricket and supporting the clubhouse bar under the new management of Simon and Michelle Riddy.

On the sponsorship front our immediate priority is to secure enough sponsorship to enable us to fully commit to the PCA Day on 2nd June. If you have any ideas or contacts please get in touch.   

Let's keep the momentum going....in particular make sure your friends, employers, anyone.... knows about the Crowdfunding and the sponsorship opportunities.

Our next event is the Evening with Andrew Strauss at the clubhouse on 3rd February - we still have a few tickets left, if you want to meet and hear Andrew Strauss talk about his career in cricket in your own clubhouse, purchase the tickets in the next few days.  


The fundraising team